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Inspiration: Fall-ready?

Inspiration: Fall-ready?


The crazy schedule of the fashion industry (Spring shows in September, Fall shows in February) has thrown off my seasonal sensibilities for years. As a result, I usually start craving Fall items around the beginning of July or so. It’s kind of ridiculous–in the midst of watching fireworks on Sawyer Point in 90-degree weather wearing short-shorts and a tank top, I’m daydreaming about boots and sweaters!

This year, the craving has set in a bit early and it’s much more specific: I can’t stop thinking about thigh-high boots. If you recall, they were all over the Autumn/Winter runways:

fallready_runway0609 Images,

I keep thinking about wearing them with a floaty romper, dangly earrings, and a brightly printed shawl, sort of like a cross between Talitha Getty and a YSL-clad Veruschka with a little Pretty Woman thrown in for good measure. Definitely a 70’s vibe.


1. Diane Yang earrings, Max & Chloe 2. Warehouse playsuit, 3. Jamawar shawl, 4. Sunglasses, Forever21 5. Two Lips boots, Zappos

However…it is June after all, and thigh high boots aren’t necessarily warm-weather friendly.  Am I being ridiculous? How do you wear things that are technically out of season?

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