Last week, I received an email from Cincy Chic about a trunk show at Cincy Designer Shoes in Hyde Park. Naturally, my raging shoe obsession compelled me to make my way over there to check things out.

The trunk show was for LaDuca, a line of shoes created by Phil LaDuca, who has designed shoes for everyone from Penelope Cruz to Uma Thurman. The man knows his stuff–I’d been there less than two minutes before he determined my shoe size and correctly picked the most Tamia-ish pair of shoes from his fall line!

Thanks to the graciousness of Phil and the wonderful staff at Cincy Designer Shoes, I tried on shoe after gorgeous shoe and was consistently surprised and delighted at how comfortable they were.  And I mean seriously comfortable, not just “yeah, I could walk a few blocks in these” comfortable. As it turns out, LaDuca also produces a line of dance shoes, so the built-in shock absorption and arch support dancers need translates nicely to the fashion line.
It didn’t hurt that the lovely staff at Cincy Designer Shoes is just as helpful as they are stylish. Pictured here (all wearing LaDuca shoes, of course) from left to right: Flora Schwartz, boutique owner Carrie Cameron, Jamie Shugarman, and Rae Cameron (Carrie’s mom!).

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by. If you go this week, you might see me picking up the free pair of LaDuca shoes I won in their raffle! Free shoes = happy me!

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