So, last Saturday was the day I look forward to all summer long: Dividend Day at Kings Island. Beautiful weather, roller coasters, and all the deep-fried food fit to eat!

I love roller coasters and always have, thanks to my mother–who was also my partner in crime on this trip.  I have never understood the people who go to amusement parks just to “walk around.” WTF is the point of that? Somebody, please explain.

Oh, and the best part of the trip to KI (in addition to the terror-inducing rides)?

I would like to thank whoever invented deep-frying for changing the world for the better. You have my sincere gratitude.

Now, I know it’s not technically Smurf ice cream any more (no one has mentioned the Smurfs since, like, 1989), but I feel the urge to sing “tra-la-la-la-la-la” whenever I see one of these:


I spent most of Sunday in recovery mode, working and eating the saltwater taffy I bought as a treat for FriendBoy. Since nature decided to renege on the lovely Fall weather we’d been enjoying, I was forced to push aside all the blazers and cardigans I’ve been planning to wear and venture back into sundress territory.

Thrifted dress, Lush bag

When FriendBoy came to pick me up for dinner, he smiled at my dress.

“You look like a pack of African Lifesavers.”

I’ma kill him one day. Just wait.

What did you do last weekend?



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