Though I was brought up in the Garanimals Church of Matchy-matchyness (will the deacons in fuschia gators please say amen?), I soon learned that matching colors is not the only–nor necessarily the best–way to put together clothing that looks good. While there is something to be said for having shoes that match your dress that match your jewelry that matches your purse, it’s much more interesting and creative to wear things that don’t necessarily “go” together.

To wit, I paired a cream blazer (seen here and altered here) and green pants with an aqua, black, and pink “snakeskin” print belt and shoes.

Do aqua and pink and army green match? Eh, no. The Good Reverendbrotherpastor from the Church of Matchy-matchyness would’ve declared it a style SIN *fire and brimstone*, but it works. It doesn’t have to match to work. Or WERQ. Such as.

Vintage blazer and shoes, thrifted pants and belt

So, if you find yourself holding your shirt and shoes right next to each other in the light while squinting critically to make sure they’re the exact same color, please give your eyeballs a rest and just wear it. It won’t make a difference, and I promise I won’t tell.


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