I’m not big on patterns, but I do love a good stripe. Upon finally finding a classic Breton tee for a decent price (why are these so difficult to find when they’re supposed to be everywhere?), I was inspired by Alexa Chung’s tomboy-meets-French-schoolgirl-style.

Stripey, Chung-y fun!

Petite Bateau top, H&M skirt, thrifted blazer, Colin Stuart boots

A woman standing in line behind me at the store complimented my boots and politely pointed out that I’d combined navy and brown, all while giving me the sideeye.

No need to fret, m’dear! I explained that they’re neutrals, and you can mix neutrals to your heart’s content. Y’all know how I feel about excessive matchy-matchyness anyway.

I laugh in the face of fashion rules! MWAHAHAHAHA!


Do you mix and match, or is it better to stick to similar colors?

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