Even considering the possibility of causing a rip in the time/space continuum, how dope would it be to have an evil twin (or two) so the “real” you could rest, or take a vacation, or at least get a massage or something? Plus, your wardrobe would double…

Soap opera memes aside, the relatively balmy temperatures of the past few days has enabled my complete denial of the whole “winter” thing. Shorts in mid-November? Sure! I rationalized by layering with tights, socks, FriendBoy’s cozy sweater (he won’t be getting this back), and a wool blazer.

Thrifted shorts, blazer, bag, and heels; American Apparel socks; H&M belt; Club Room sweater; vintage hat from NVISION

Fortunately for humankind, there’s just the one me–and she really needs to sit down and shut up for a bit. Ha!

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