I was never into the whole minimalism thing, not even in the ’90s when it was being touted by fashion magazines as the Most Revolutionary Thing Ever. I’ll take my fashion with over-the-top Versace prints and glamazon supermodels, thankyouverymuch.

But when I saw this dress hanging in the back of the closet (which I completely forgot I got at H&M, like, a month ago. How sad is that?) I had the urge to wear it as is–no belts, no bracelets, no scarves, just a shock of color and basic silver hoop earrings.

H&M dress, Champion sports bra, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

I “borrowed” FriendBoy’s socks for color and comfort (shhh), shoved my feet into the remarkably comfy Ugly Shoes, and headed out. It felt simple, uncluttered and…right.

Maybe I’m a minimalist after all.

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