As much as I love menswear, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn a suit–as in a blazer and matching bottoms meant to be worn together. I’ll take my separates separately, thank you.

I bought this Far East-inspired suit from a thrift store a while ago, and while the skirt got some play after I altered it, the jacket hung around, unworn for quite some time. I prefer a slim cut, and as this was somewhat boxy, I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

Fortunately, breakin’ up a suit is not that hard to do. I figured I could use the jacket’s boxy cut to my advantage and add layers, so I wore it over an oxford shirt and cozy cardigan.

Thrifted oxford, BCBG cardigan, Odille trousers, DKNY shoes

A pencil skirt in glossy embroidered material reads a little too fancy for me, so I casualized (IT’S A WORD) it with FriendBoy’s knit sweater and high platform boots.

Club Room sweater, thrifted oxford, Forever 21 necklace, Jessica Simpson boots

Honestly, I’m relieved I found a way to wear both pieces–I hate when things sit unused in my closet, it makes me feel guilty. Do you have any additional styling suggestions?

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