You guys! I finished a mending* project thanks to something I learned on the internets!

So, I’ve had this vintage beaded skirt  for years, but never really wore it because the elastic waist was SO stretched out. Even a belt wouldn’t keep this sucker up.

Enter this video and my newfound do-it-yourself-y-ness, and I decided to try my hand at fixing the waistband. MYSELF.

Step 1: Remove the thread from the waistband. I used a seam ripper, but it still wasn’t as easy as it looked in the video. Dangit.

Step 2: Open up a section of the waistband casing (that’s a TECHNICAL term, you know) and cut the old elastic inside before pulling it out through the opening.

Step 3: Insert new, stretchy elastic into the waistband. I didn’t measure the elastic because that seemed too much like the right thing to do, I just stretched it around my waist and guessed.

Step 4: Sew the ends of the new elastic together and stitch the opening in the casing shut.

Even with the double row of stitching through the elastic, it was a fairly easy project! And I love the result:

Isn’t the beading pretty? It’s like getting new clothes without going shopping!

Thrifted oxford; Limited belt; Nine West shoes; Gucci sunglasses

Yay for me and learning from the intergoogle! I already have another project in mind…

*I literally have a basket of mending like ladies had in Ye Olden Days. I’m 80.

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