Yesterday morning, I got out of the shower, looked in the mirror and went “ugh.” Nothing was WORKING–my hair wouldn’t cooperate, my skin insisted on being blotchy, my face didn’t look right with or without glasses (sounds weird, but my facial features change regularly), and I definitely did not appreciate the extra chin that seems to be forming without my approval. I tried to get dressed several times over, but the outfit didn’t really work, either. It was all just…UGH.

I’m a problem solver, so when I feel this way, I try to figure out how to FIX it. Video tutorials are my favorite way to learn stuff now, so I watched a few in an attempt to “get it up” and get motivated to get beautiful-ish.


Sometimes I feel like if I just put in a little more effort, I’ll look and feel less Blah. Until I can work that out, I’m trying to focus on getting some work done and snuggling with Beau’s fuzzy little tummy.

He’s humoring me. Barely.

What do you do when you don’t feel quite…right?

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