Time for me to dole out semi-unsolicited style advice again! Yay?

My homies at A-Line passed along this tweet from @kellydobos :

Hey @ALineMagCincy I have to speak in front of major magazine beauty editors in NYC this month, what should i wear? Any tips on styling?

Ooh, that sounds like a fun combination of awesome cosmopolitan adventure (magazine beauty editors! NYC!) + nerve-racking responsibility (public speaking, outfit stress). Let’s see what we can do:

Left: Anthropologie Graublau blazer, $148 | Michael Antonio Musa boot, $59 | Vintage cuff bracelet, $60 | Modcloth B. Jones Style skirt, $89.99 | Gorjana Cleopatra earrings, $30
Right: Farfetch Barbara Bui Blouse, $848 | Endless Dolce Vita Rosetta pump, $170 | Gold chain link necklace, $30 | Blue Topshop trousers $85 | Amrita Singh Georgica ring, $100

This is the sort of occasion where you need to look like you know what you’re talking about and like you just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. No pressure!

Mixing different styles is the best way to achieve both: On the left, a structured blazer (professional), full skirt (feminine), platform ankle boots (fashion-y), and geometric accessories looks polished and pretty; on the right, a softly draped blouse (feminine), tailored trousers (professional), green suede pumps (fashion-y), and bold gold jewelry looks smart and approachable.

This sounds like an exciting opportunity–good luck!


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