I’m sick, my nose won’t stop running, and I have a lot of work to do, so I’m feeling extra grouchy. I’m also a little woozy from the meds and in the mood to talk about UFOs–no, not the kind with little green people–UFOs as in Unpopular Fashion Opinions.

There are several things that are deemed “classics” in the fashion universe–untouchable icons of style, so to speak. Things everyone else seems to love that I have no use for. Screw that! In no particular order:

I know they’re comfy, but I had my fill of round-toe Sam and Libby flats back in elementary school. Give me a pointy- or almond-toe skimmer anyday.

She’s supposed to be this bastion of cool, but between utterly clueless comments about homeless people and blatantly ripping off an indie designer‘s creations, she comes across as vapid and wholly unlikable. And I swear, if I see one more skinny chick in a feather headband, just…no. No.

One of my favorite pairs of shoes are JCs, but sometimes I feel like they’re having a laugh and a half at the expense of fashion bloggers worldwide. I mean really, look at those things. Really, y’all? RILLY?!

I’m sure it’s officially Fashion Blasphemy to say this, but the 2.55 just seems kind of “meh” to me, perhaps due to oversaturation. I mean, I wouldn’t turn one down, but give me an Hermes Kelly (in green croc, pleaseandthankyou) instead any day!

What do you dislike that everyone else in the wide world of fashion seems to love?

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