Now that it’s Officially December, it’s a good time to write my yearly letter/email-with-links to my homie Santa:

Cincinnati holiday shopping

1. No explanation needed, though I’m surprisingly interested reading magazines on one of these doohickeys. Apple iPad, $499

2. I prefer dark, heady fragrances, and this one definitely fits the bill. Tom Ford Black Orchid, $105

3. Completely inappropriate for anything other than posing provocatively in Terry Richardson-esque photos, but hey, I need a new swimsuit.  American Apparel one-piece, $46

4. I am ridiculously excited to read the all of the Computer Arts Collection, but I’ll start with Branding since that’s my fave. Computer Arts Collection Vol. 1 Part 4, $15

5. I know next to nothing about makeup, but maybe I would MAGICALLY LEARN if I had this palette. Laura Mercier Glamour Wardrobe palette, $98

6. Fancy boots chase the winter blues away. ASOS Audrey boots, $105

7. Any time I can live out my wannabe Cirque du Soleil fantasies, I’M IN. Cincinnati Circus Aerial fitness classes, $20 per session

What’s on your list to Santa this year?

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