I used to be one of those smart people who read books; then the Internets came along and turned me into one of those not-so-smart people with the attention span of a flea. However, sometimes I find interesting things to “read” (AKA skim so I learn just enough to pretend to know what I’m talking about) and I like to share those things! We can pretend to be smart together!

1. Like most fashion lovers, I was watching to see what Alexander Wang would create for his premiere Balenciaga collection. I have to say, I was impressed with his restraint and the way he subtly referenced the house’s history.

2. Seth Godin shares his typically concise take on why visualizing success is far more productive than rehearsing for failure.

3. Inspiration and willpower: The Onion’s Director of Digital talks about going from a solo gig to working with a team, and how he gets ish done


4. In the publishing industry, the lines between editorial and commercial, individual and corporation are becoming increasingly blurred. Here’s one blogger’s take on changing publishing models


5. Pop-up errythang! One PR firm is forming  pop-up agency Walter, dedicated to developing marketing programs for tech startups at South by Southwest. It reminds me of Jack+Bill, one of the first pop-up agency ventures and a brilliant concept.

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