I tend to be a little anal about the way I like things organized. This absolutely applies to my workspace–a messy desk is the result of a messy mind (How do I sound like a 50-something teacher from a Beverly Cleary book?) However, my job is such a weird combination of running around and desk work that I’m finding it difficult to keep things as neat and tidy as I’d like. There’s usually a stack of magazines, receipts, style sheets, business cards, and merchandise loan forms all trying to take up residence in the same space next to my keyboard. Here’s what I’m usually working with:

Desk of a Fashion stylist

1.// Inspiration from magazine layouts

2.// The NY Times style section

3.// The current issue of Cincinnati Magazine and folders with info organized by issue and shoot

4.// My iPad, the better to review the hundreds of scouting shots from my phone

5.// A receipt from Nordstrom aka my second home

6.// A notebook for jotting down ideas old-school style

I gotta do better. Any suggestions?

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