I’m always on the lookout for creative inspiration (see: Tumblr Tuesdays), especially when it comes to things like photography, art direction, graphic design, decor, and of course, fashion. Depending on how I plan to use it, I usually gather this inspiration by way of Tumblr, Pinterest, or…snapping pics on my phone. Bootleg yes, but just as effective! With all this creativitah going around, I figured I’d share:

creative inspiration 1.// It could be revolutionary or it could be a third grade art project, but I think stained glass lightbulbs are a genius idea!

2.// I want faces on my skirt like this model in Vogue Latin America. Bonus points if it’s Dolce.

3.// This is a fantastically innovative way to shoot jewelry (plus a little J.Lo never hurt nobody)

4.// Two-for-one: a coffee table that has it’s own light. Even better, said light looks like one of those annoying underbody lights people put on their Geo Metros in the ‘90s. So fetch.

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