So, a big part of my job is scouting, which is basically bougie stylist-speak for window shopping. Since I’m out in the streets on a regular basis, I thought I’d share some of my favorites! This one is a classic:

Cincinnati shopping and style

You know those places you can count on to take out of town visitors to make it look like you live in a cool city? The ones that stand out as beacons of style? High Street is at the top of the food chain around these parts, and it’s always been a gem. I remember back when the shop was on 12th Street, way before the OTR-splosion, way ahead of its time.


Decor, fashion, books, jewelry, gifts–you name it, they got it and it’s pretty much all awesome. Find me another local place with so-ugly-they’re-cute ceramic bulldog lamps, I dare you.

While the lifestyle store is legendary, they’re also in the process of expanding: there’s a new, furniture-focused shop coming to the second floor of the current building. The progressive always make progress.

High Street
1401 Reading Road, Downtown Cincinnati

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