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Reading Roundup: Wang at Balenciaga and Pop-up Errythang


I used to be one of those smart people who read books; then the Internets came along and turned me into one of those not-so-smart people with the attention span of a flea. However, sometimes I find interesting things to “read” (AKA skim so I learn just enough to pretend to know what I’m talking about) and I like to share those things! We can pretend to be smart together!

1. Like most fashion lovers, I was watching to see what Alexander Wang would create for his premiere Balenciaga collection. I have to say, I was impressed with his restraint and the way he subtly referenced the house’s history.

2. Seth Godin shares his typically concise take on why visualizing success is far more productive than rehearsing for failure.

3. Inspiration and willpower: The Onion’s Director of Digital talks about going from a solo gig to working with a team, and how he gets ish done


4. In the publishing industry, the lines between editorial and commercial, individual and corporation are becoming increasingly blurred. Here’s one blogger’s take on changing publishing models


5. Pop-up errythang! One PR firm is forming  pop-up agency Walter, dedicated to developing marketing programs for tech startups at South by Southwest. It reminds me of Jack+Bill, one of the first pop-up agency ventures and a brilliant concept.

Reading Roundup: Learning from old white dudes and something better than a Snuggie

The socio-economic implications associated with style of dress makes fashion a topic worth talking about in my opinion, but this post about Why Fashion is Worth Blogging About does a great job of breaking it down for those who don’t quite get it.  Be sure to check out some of the comments, too.

“You should be passionate about what you do for a living, and don’t let any fool tell you otherwise.” Advertising copywriter Derek Walker’s account of What I Learned From an Old White Man I Never Met.

The Do-First Work Ethic: Cool vid from the founders of Threadless on falling into a business and doing stuff by…doing stuff.

CreaWriter Is a Distraction-Free Writing Space Complete with Relaxing Ambient Noise. Bring it. I need as few distractions as possible–my brain is distracting enough. (Windows)

Looking for a more systematic approach to social strategy? Try the POST Method.

Inspirational article about doing what you love – and sharing the success that follows.

The popularity of Snuggies (I won’t front–I have one and it’s darn comfy) has spawned a plethora of comfort-first “fashions”, including Pajama Jeans and the Hoodie Footie Snuggle Suit. No really, that’s what they’re called. I haven’t been feeling well for the past few days, so they both sound like GREAT IDEAS to me! I dare you to watch the videos and tell me you don’t agree.

Reading Roundup: Social media gurus and blogger Barbie

Sorry I’ve been MIA…then again, my name is TaMIA. Corny, I know… Let’s move on:

Become a social media guru in two minutes or less, now available with cassette tapes! Who knew it was so easy?

Ah, the green screens of the Apple IIe bring back so many computer lab memories. Anyone else remember desperately hoping the weather cooperated when playing Lemonade Stand, learning the difference between prime and composite numbers with Number Munchers, and dying of dysentery (seriously, every time) playing The Oregon Trail?

We girls can do anything (as long as we have our half-caf soy mocha lattes), right Blogger Barbie?

How is Stephanie Seymour still this hot? Does she have some kind of pact with el diablo? Where can I sign up?

Creating your own deadlines and setting aggressive goals for your business. Can (and should) be applied to personal projects, too. Ahem.

Why small actions are more important than big plans. Tip: “You can jump in anywhere in the process to get it going.”

French retailers revolt against e-book hegemony. The publishing world is getting ugly as traditional and new media collide, and it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

Alexander McQueen’s death left me shocked, then sad, then confused, then kinda pissed. Why? Is it ever really that bad?

Reading Roundup: From Internet addiction to blogger stereotypes

There was an interesting discussion on Yuli Ziv’s post about Fashion Blogger Stereotypes.

Did you know that believing you can be smarter can actually make you smarter? The next time you run into a stumbling block in your work, studies, or hobbies, remember your smarts aren’t set in stone.

This photo of Chris Brown and Jean Paul Gaultier is really, um…unfortunate.

These typographic playing cards are beyond perfect. Who’s up for a game of Spades?

What happens when you unplug from your internet addiction? I’ll never know, but this writer braves the disconnected life for two weeks.

From An Exercise in Changing Yourself, Harvard Business Review

2010 Digital Marketing Outlook: If you’re considering expanding your business this year, consider the idea that consumers are now content creators and distributors – they are the medium.

Reading Roundup

Interesting reads I’ve come across on the web:

Though not really surprised, I was FLOORED by the H&M Clothes Trashing report. Seriously? I know they’re not exactly high priced items, but even if they were, is it really more cost-effective, and more importantly, environmentally ethical to destroy and dump bags of unused clothing?

Social Media Business Strategy Great article about implementing a social media business strategy on Mashable. Remember, set your objectives and listen first!

Startup therapy:  Ten questions to ask yourself every month Thought-provoking questions for current and wannabe entrepreneurs & freelancers. They get harder as you go.

Independent Magazine Publisher Magazine launches. Yesss! Can we form a club or a support group or something?

Updating the Babysitter’s Club The Babysitter’s Club is making a comeback with a prequel and “updated” versions of the first two books, but can we please leave the outfit descriptions (especially Claudia’s) the same? Pretty please? In the meantime, this graphic novel version of the BSC has win all over it.

Writer Lauren Sherman at The Fashion Beat recounts the Ten Moments in Fashion that Changed the Business (this decade). Anyone else remember pre-Rachel Zoe, when you had to explain what a stylist was because people had never heard of such a thing?

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