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I started blogging at the end of 2008, out of boredom, really. I was working in corporate marketing and thought it was a shame that only my co-workers were seeing my outfits every day! I basically needed a creative outlet. And thus, The Style Sample was borne out of pure vanity.

A few months after I started the blog, I saw a need in the blogging community and the ol’ creative juices compelled me to start a magazine for, by, and about style bloggers. I’ve always loved magazines, and it was a huge, fun, crazy project that taught me a lot.

Between work and the magazine, I’d discovered a love of graphic design and social media and decided to freelance for a while, which gave me the opportunity to travel, write, and do some editorial styling. Once I decided I really missed having health insurance, I got a job in marketing project management, learned even more, and somehow–thanks to this very blog–spent three years as a full-time editorial stylist. Life is crazy sometimes!

So now this site serves to document everything from working as a stylist, to style tips and creative inspiration, to living and working in downtown Cincinnati. I even started the Creative City Podcast and Curated Creatives newsletter (sign up here!) because I clearly don’t have enough to do. Everybody needs a side hustle, right?

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading–I hope you’ll stay awhile!

The Style Sample | Cincinnati Fashion Stylist & Shopping Expert

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