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Style // Fashion Run

Every now and then, something you’ve always wanted to happen actually happens, and you get to run around Saks like a wild-eyed fashion fiend, feverishly grabbing luxurious designer clothes and shoes and bags without even bothering to look at the price tag. It was like the adult lady version of those Toys ‘R Us Nickelodeon Toy Runs, but with Imaginary Friend Manolo Blahnik egging you on instead of Geoffrey the Giraffe. And, of course, the “toys” had to go back.

SaksStyle-Yigal-Skirt It’s possible that I was wearing this fabulous Yigal Azrouel skirt the wrong way (should the zipper be on the side?), but I’m more of a front zipper type of gal.

In the meantime, though, I had a darn good time putting together these looks and running around downtown while my talented photographer friend Claudia took pictures of me trying really hard not to look like an idiot. Being on the other side of the camera was a little daunting, but fun!

SaksStyle-DVF-coat Can you tell how much I’m into this DVF coat? That sucker was HEAVY, like a sparkly, jewel-encrusted cocoon of glamour.

All this fashion fun is leading up to the #SaksStyle Contemporary Event on September 27th, so you should definitely stop by, say hi, and toast the new Fall styles with a glass or six of champagne. See you there!

Style // Battle Hymn of the Camo Pants

Street Style camouflage fashion

Something about my current state of mind makes me want to gear up for battle, and apparently I’m not the only one. I’ll take a cue from the ladies pictured above and fight the good fight in stylish camo pants.


Is there anything else I should wear for a little extra mental armor?

Street Style images courtesy Garance Dore, HBZ Street Style, WhoWhatWear

Current Obsession // In the Grays

Cincinnati fashion stylist blog

My love of neutrals has been pretty well documented, especially when it comes to my favorite: gray. That perfect, goes with everything, not-too-dark-but-not-too-light color that’s not really a color. I was digging through my closet when I realized that I currently own 5 gray sweaters (I ONLY want to wear sweaters lately thanks to this horrible PolarBearVortexRollercoaster weather) in varying shades and weights, and I’m not the only one:

Street Style blog gray sweaters Images via Lori Stuckman, weheartit, Golestaneh street Style

For me, the allure of a gray sweater lies in its ease–it works with the usual skinnies and pencil skirts, it can be slouchy and refined and casual and luxe all at the same time. It’s basically a sophisticated sweatshirt. Which, now that I think about it, pretty much sums up my style…


Street Style Favorites: July

I finally had a chance to catch up on my Bloglovin’ reader (sort of), so I thought I’d share some of my favorite street style photos:

Personal style blog street style TOP ROW:
A leather collar immediately turns any look badass (Fashion Copious); I can’t wait to wear this full mini + slouchy sweater combo once the heat calms down–no, really, CALM DOWN HEAT (Paulinemma); I swear a good hat and proper blazer can make almost anything look better (Easy Fashion)

A slouchy top and short-shorts looks downtown-chic when done right (Chloe et sa boite à conserves); Combining black-and-white prints is the easiest way to get into the pattern mixing game (Stockholm Street Style); See, THIS is how you wear a bra top in public, Sue Ellen Mischke (Sam Is Home).

6 Favorite Street Style Blogs

The Internet serves us in many ways: it’s home to a wealth of information (just Google it), it’s a way to connect with people around the world (social networks!), and it’s a repository for ignorance (YouTube commenters). One of my favorite perks of all this newfangled technology is the ability to virtually people-watch stylish folks around the world–aka cruise Street Style blogs*.

Everybody knows about The Sartorialist and Garance Dore and Jak & Jil, but there are so many other street style sites out there. I figure it couldn’t hurt to share a few of my favorites:


STREETFSN: Packed with detail and lifestyle shots of the streets of New York and various Fashion Weeks worldwide.



Stylesightings: Stylish women and men on the streets of Milan, Paris, Seoul, and New York.

Citizen Couture

Citizen Couture: Women on the street, including bloggers, models, and fashion industry insiders.


The Photodiarist In Color

The Photodiarist In Color: Style diary of a New York-based photographer with an eye for black and white and color images.

Mr Newton

Mr Newton: Street style photography and reflections on city life.


Street Peeper

Street Peeper: Men and women (and the occasional blogger/editor/celeb) on the streets of London, New York, and Paris.

The other side

If you’re at all interested in shooting street style photography, I highly recommend reading Dorothy of Polka Dots’ informative and insightful post Shooting Fish at Fashion Week.

*It took me forever to create this post because I kept getting distracted and  looking at the pics. Now you won’t get any work done either, haha!  YOU’RE WELCOME.

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