DIY: Tulle Headpiece

last minute halloween costume idea

I did it! I finally got it together and did a DIY project! Of course, it was because I only had 30 minutes to do it and I needed something to wear THAT NIGHT and of course I didn’t take pictures or anything because I had no real idea what I was doing, but ha! Triumph!

Here’s what I used:

  • 3 yards of tulle
  • 1/2 yard netting
  • black felt & scissors
  • twist ties or pipe cleaner
  • needle and thread

So all in all, the idea is to cut the tulle into 12-15 inch sections, gather each section into a tuft that’s poofy at the top, and secure each tuft at the bottom with a twist tie. You should create three to five of these tulle tufts. Then, cut a 3” diameter circle of felt and sew each tuft onto the circle. Scrunch the poufs up a bit, and once you figure out which side looks the best as the front, sew on the tulle.

DIY last minute Halloween costume idea

Voila! If you don’t have a Halloween costume yet, you can make one of these, throw on a long dress, and go as Evil Bride/Crazy Masquerader or whatever. And you get to be at least a foot taller, if only for one night.


Remember that blue leather skirt?

Vintage skirt and bag; Gap shirt; Steven heels; DIY scarf necklace

I can never resist wearing my new stuff right away–even when it’s not really new.

Speaking of vintage, I’ll be part of NVISION‘s fashion show at the Symphonic Stylings fundraising event at The Electric Warehouse this Saturday! Do not even get me started on some of the beautiful vintage dresses I tried on during my fitting–you don’t want to miss this show!  Bonus: You can get discounted tickets via Soapbox here.

Winning Weekend

Let’s see…

Last weekend I was headed to a class at Media Bridges (I’m hoping to learn about video production) when I noticed a commotion at Washington Park.

You should’ve seen everybody groovin’ to “Da Butt!”

It was one of Go Cincinnati‘s service projects, Go Grub. Washington Park was packed to the brim with ‘hood regulars, neighborly urbanites, and suburban families eating, dancing, and playing together. It was friggin’ awesome, and I hope the “revitalization” plans take into account include the people who currently call the park a second (and sometimes first) home. Improvement does not equal displacement.

Later that day, Fountain Square was hoppin’ prior to the Reds’ Civil Rights game.

It was such a beautiful day.

I finally had a chance to sit down and flip through my print copy of the latest issue of Style Sample magazine–it looks so good!

Flipping through pages of issue #7

You can order print copies at MagCloud. FriendBoy read through it and promptly told me I should be a millionaire…and generously volunteered to be my sugar baby. Thanks, babe.

Speaking of FriendBoy, he was in a grillin’ mood all weekend. On Sunday, he made some pretty fantastic barbecue ribs.

Technically, I’m transitioning to vegetarianism (very slooowly and gradually, you see), but I couldn’t resist a rib or six. Add southern-style potato salad and baked beans, and I was in a food coma for a good hour.

Later, I went to Venue 222 to watch Casablanca, and ate even more food (how? why?) since I wasn’t able to resist the sweet potato fries and mini key lime pie from Cafe de Wheels.

I left singing my own completely off-key rendition of “As Time Goes By” and wondering if it’s worth it to don a white tuxedo and matching fedora just to sit on the couch and watch TV.

How was your weekend?

Foster Roster

So, I finally caved. After months (okay, month) of missing my beloved kitty Cortez, I decided to be a foster mom to a kitty-in-need for the local Pet Alliance.

His name is Beauregard Aloysius, Beau for short (see also: Beau-bear, Beau-bunny, Baby B, Wheezy Beau, and a jillion other unnecessary cutesy-poo nicknames) and as his name suggests, he is a southern gentleman.

He was sick as a dog (ha!) due to an upper respiratory infection when I picked him up, but after a week of  cuddling, petting, syringe feeding (not fun), nose drops (even less fun), and playing catch the mouse, he’s no longer hiding under the bed and ducking for cover. He’s eating well, playing hard, and loves to curl up in a ball in my lap while purring like crazy. I think I’m in trouble.

Just FYI: I’ll be switching this blog and stylesamplemag.com over to self-hosted WordPress, which is turning out to be more trouble than I expected. I hope to have it all completed by the weekend after Thanksgiving, so if things look a bit wonky between now and then, please bear with me. And pray for my sanity.

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