Fun with Christmas Gifts
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Fun with Christmas Gifts

I friggin’ love Christmas! I always feel bad when people talk about hating the holidays and “having to” spend time with their families, because I absolutely cannot relate. I love spending time with my family and exchanging gifts. This year’s highlight was my mom’s reaction when I gave her a Wii (which she’s been specifically requesting for the past two years). She’s so cute!Anyway, as fun as it is to give, receiving is a pretty good deal, too. I usually give my parents a list (’cause I’m spoiled like that), so while the above items weren’t surprises per se, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect!

1. Green Dolce Vita boots

2. Juicy Couture watch (it’s purple!)

3. Anthropologie sweater (I need a belt or layers or something, right? Suggestions?)

4. Sony CyberShot digital camera