Casual Style: Why Wait 'Til Friday?
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Casual Style: Why Wait 'Til Friday?


In my quest to actually wear the clothes in my closet/armoire/storage bins/car trunk, I dug out this old wool sweater I bought during a trip to Scotland in high school.  For reasons I can’t recall, it was a really big deal to buy a wool sweater on that trip…

I’m pretty sure I wore this sweater in one of my “senior pictures,” which I may post someday if I feel like giving y’all a reason to laugh. If I recall correctly, the photo involves me in a crouching-on-one-knee-chin-resting-on-fist-staring-intensely-at-camera pose in the woods (?), so, yeah. Biiiig laughs.

Have you unearthed any long lost clothing lately? How did you wear it?

Old/vintage(?) sweater, Leigh & Luca scarf, Old Navy skirt, thrifted shirt, purse, and boots.

Edit: Ooh, found out I was featured as’s “Today’s Best-Dressed Reader” on Feb 2nd. Yay me!