Top 6 Denim: Good Jeans
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Top 6 Denim: Good Jeans

goodjeans0209 After the feature, I started thinking about different ways to wear jeans. Luckily, my fellow bloggers provide plenty of inspiration! A few of my recent favorites:

Karla of Karla’s Closet styles her boyfriend jeans with a sheer blouse and killer sculptural heels. Scott Schuman’s lens captured this man, who manages to make extra wide-legged skater inspired jeans look stylish.
Marcella at Fashion Distraction lives in a climate where she can not only wear denim shorts in February, but look fab in them, too! Fashion writer and stylist Marian from The House of Style dresses up her jeans with a dress under a leather jacket under a fuzzy vest! Layering will never be the same…
Let me tell you, the Glamourai is the only person who could inspire me to pull out my old patched and painted (a la BellBivDevoe) jeans! Wendy at Hand It Over wears her ripped and faded Balmain-inspired jeans with vertiginous strappy heels and a slouchy blazer.
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