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Do-It-Yourself Fashion

While I’m much too busy lazy to actually do anything about it, I’ve always loved the idea of do-it-yourself fashion. Unfortunately–or maybe fortunately–the height of my forays into hand-crafted apparel and accessories peaked right around the time of neon puffy paints and Jams shorts.

However, my generosity compels me to share some of the best DIY tutorials from talented bloggers across the web. From bib necklaces to Miu Miu-inspired minis, here are some great ways to further personalize your look, glitter not included:

From “The Miu Miu inspired skirt tutorial”, Kingdom of Style

From “DIY: Studded jeans and more”, Miss at la Playa

From “How to: Scissor a baggy shirt into a bitchin’ top”, Cheap JAP

From “Glamourai DIY/Candied Crumbcatcher”, The Glamourai (cover girl for Style Sample Magazine issue 2!)

From “Welcome to my Bleach Party”, Femme Rationale (Style Sample Magazine issue 1 cover girl! Hmmm…is there a pattern here?)

Have you done any interesting DIY projects lately? Share so I can get all excited and then not do it!

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