Reading Roundup: From Internet addiction to blogger stereotypes
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Reading Roundup: From Internet addiction to blogger stereotypes

There was an interesting discussion on Yuli Ziv’s post about Fashion Blogger Stereotypes.

Did you know that believing you can be smarter can actually make you smarter? The next time you run into a stumbling block in your work, studies, or hobbies, remember your smarts aren’t set in stone.

This photo of Chris Brown and Jean Paul Gaultier is really, um…unfortunate.

These typographic playing cards are beyond perfect. Who’s up for a game of Spades?

What happens when you unplug from your internet addiction? I’ll never know, but this writer braves the disconnected life for two weeks.

From An Exercise in Changing Yourself, Harvard Business Review

2010 Digital Marketing Outlook: If you’re considering expanding your business this year, consider the idea that consumers are now content creators and distributors – they are the medium.