Gateway to Summer
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Gateway to Summer

Summer’s here! No, for real this time. After last week’s regression to early spring with temperatures in the 50’s, last weekend and the coming week promise sunny, 80-degree weather. Perfect for summer camp.

To celebrate, on Saturday I headed to a…well, a celebration in Over-the-Rhine’s Gateway Quarter. There were crafts and clothing and jewelry (oh, my):

The combination of the cross-and-black lace earrings and wooden ringsย  with biblical figures (from St. Theresa’s— they’re back in Pendleton!) totally put me in a Madonna-circa-Like A Prayer mood.

This shirt made me snicker.

There was art for sale:

As well as art on the street:

How sweet is that?

Anyone who knows me, knows that 90% of the reason I leave the house revolves around the possibility of eating good food. I pretty much devoured the tacos from Senor Roy’s Taco Truck in 30 seconds, and indulged in a cool lemon-y/pomegranate-y treat from Dojo Gelato in the name of supporting local businesses. ‘Cause I’m thoughtful like that.

It only took about 12 seconds before this was nothing but a plastic cup with a little gelato juice in the corners.

Good times.

How was your weekend?

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