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On my radar

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1. Gold leaf (get it?) heels from Sarah Burton’s first full collection for Alexander McQueen. Methinks she done good. Style.com

2. This Dries van Noten shirt dress looks like something Shelley Long would’ve worn as the prissy scout leader in Troop Beverly Hills. Right up my alley. Farfetch.com

3. With the holidays right around the corner, it is once again time for cherpumple: a cherry pie inside a white cake, on top of an apple pie inside a yellow cake, on top of a pumpkin pie inside a spice cake, all surrounded by cream cheese frosting. Yum?

Not that I’d ever actually eat what’s basically the dessert version of turducken–for the record, I’m staunchly Team Cake–but you gotta give points for creativity and general over-the-top-ness, right? (Serious Eats)

4. A bright ‘n glossy alphabetic bookshelf. Practical? No. Heaven for typography geeks? Yes! (Kayiwa)

5. More type madness: ‘T’ shirts designed based on the silhouettes of the letter ‘T’ from various typefaces. Brillz. (Masashi Kawamura)

6. I often hear about pieces designed from an “architectural perspective.” This Citadel ring takes that perspective and turns it into something quite literal. (Philippe Tournaire)

7. Paris vs NYC compares the two cities via a series of graphical posters. So clever, n’est-ce pas? (Parisvsnyc.blogspot.com)

8. Bootsy Collins’ “I’d Rather Be With You” has been on repeat in my head for, like, a week. Sampled by artists from NWA to Beyonce, just snap your fingers, feel the funk, and *Bootsy voice* let it take you awayyy, bay-beh! (YouTube)

  • Tiffany

    November 23, 2010 at 1:02 am

    Loved the grey shorts with tights AND knee socks! You learned me a new word: turducken….very interesting.

  • Alicia

    November 24, 2010 at 11:32 pm

    I want to know whose job it was to try and outdo turducken. Cherpumple? Good lord.