Weekly Photo Diary
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Weekly Photo Diary

Hung out with Mrs. Claus and friends at the 4th Street Boutique Open House. It took all kinds of restraint not to take advantage of the 60% off sale, but that’s not to say I won’t be back soon for the stuff in the window display

Went on a tour of the Wise Temple and marveled at how well the interior is maintained. The entire place feels like a Moroccan-inspired holiday card!

Enjoyed the first real snow of the season and tried to take a few photos before my fingers froze. It didn’t take long before I was all “Screw pictures, I need to go back inside and get cozy with a mug of hot chocolate, stat!”

Beau wasn’t interested in photography or hot chocolate, just sleep.  I really think he had the right idea…

On Sunday, I froze my butt off at the Bengals game, courtesy of FriendBoy. There were a few good plays–so close!–but the team couldn’t quite pull off a win.

I won’t front, I went to the game for the same reason I go to Kings Island: sugary fried foods! That cotton candy lasted all of four minutes.

As if the cotton candy weren’t enough to satiate my overactive sweet tooth (it wasn’t), I baked what had to be at least 107 chocolate chip cookies when I got home. I fully expect this mountain o’ sweets to tide me over for three days, tops.

How was your weekend?



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