Ridin’ in my crop top
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Ridin’ in my crop top

DIY fashion crop top

Okay, so in these pictures I’m really just walking/standing/generally looking confused, but since ‘crop top’ rhymes with ‘drop top’ , you start thinking about old Dr. Dre & Snoop videos, and, well…you get the drift.

Thrifted top and pants; vintage belt and shoes, Hark+Hark necklace

This is the result of my first DIY collection project–I think it turned out pretty well, especially considering the fact that my seamstress is a complete amateur. I also wanted to point out that high-waisted pants are a HUGE part of this whole crop top equation ’cause I ain’t Britney ca. 2002 and, really, no one wants to see all that. Really.

Have a great weekend!