Don’t Be Fooled By the Rocks That I Got
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Don’t Be Fooled By the Rocks That I Got

My obsession with rocks and crystals likely started during the dinosaurs-are-awesome phase everyone seems to go through around 4th grade. I dreamed of expanding my rock collection–proudly displayed amongst my collection of My Little Ponies and Sweet Valley Twins books–to include crystals and geodes and jagged stalactites (or was it stalagmites?).

To this day, anything that looks like a treasure coveted by small creatures with pointy ears from Middle Earth, I WANT–remember how excited I was about my druzy pendant?

Luckily, there’s no shortage of geological jewelry–the more raw and organic looking, the better. Clickety-click on the images to see some of my favorites:


Necklace, $132 Ring, $145 Necklace, $49 Earrings, $19.99 Necklace, $64 Ring, $158 Necklace, $52 Choker, $34 Necklace, $83 Ring, $105 Ring, $30 Image Map

1. Draugsvold Pink Agate necklace, $132 Dear Fieldbinder | 2. Blaze ring, $145 at Ken+Dana  | 3. Orange agate necklace, $49 Leamarie Designs | 4. Black druzy earrings, $19.99 alejandracc | 5. Mia necklace, $64 Kande | 6. Limontitla ring, $158 Anthropologie  | 7. Rock On geode necklace, $52 Little Gems by Jax |  8. Brass and agate gladiator choker $34 LarkinAndLarkin |  9. Cosmos agate necklace, $83 ingramcecil | 10. SCILIA rainbow crystal ring, $105 brianarose | 11. Gold plated amethyst chunk ring, $30 nu bambu

If you like geodes and agate and druzy (oh my!), definitely check out nu bambu, Sparkle Couture, and Little Gems by Jax on etsy. I’ve been favoriting their designs like a crazy person!


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