Fashion Recovery
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Fashion Recovery

Whew! I’m still recovering from last night’s activities, but I thought I’d share some pictures of the fun/mayhem:

FNO Cincy

At Saks pre-Fashion’s Night Out. First, how cute are the ladies working there? Second, how badly do I need (yes, NEED) this feathered bag?

My friend, photographer Ann Van Epps hung out at FNO Cincy and took great pics of the stylish women there. I didn’t realize the store itself would be such a gorgeous backdrop…

The beautiful girls of Style Edit (remember my interview with them here?) and a guest wearing my favorite–black and white stripes–and gorgeous Missoni (?) heels.

Don’t forget about the guys! Given my love of menswear, a lot of my style inspiration comes from dudes anyway.

Blog buddies (well, what am I supposed to call them?) Marsha and Brock of Style Edit and Zach of The Fagazine with a friend. Cuteness!

Thanks to Ann for the wonderful pictures!

The Fashion Event

There was a lot of crazy hair backstage at the fashion show for A-Line, but Ashlee of amellostyle styled our Stop Traffick Fashion tees to a…well, to a T!

Waiting to walk the runway at the fashion show…

It was fun. I’m exhausted. Have a great weekend!


  • Tamu

    September 9, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    Who’s the designer for that beautiful dress in the picture with the feathered bag? Is that Victoria Beckham?

    • tamia

      September 12, 2011 at 8:19 am

      You know, I’m not sure! They were still setting up when I was there, so I didn’t get the full scoop.

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