Tumblr Tuesday: Skull Chandeliers and Black Unicorns
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Tumblr Tuesday: Skull Chandeliers and Black Unicorns

I love the infusion of humor into something as traditional as a crystal chandelier; A shoe covered in chiffon and crystals is like an evening gown for your foot; Tried-and-true Hollywood glamor is just what I need right now; I know unicorns aren’t real, but I grew up adoring Rainbow Brite and She-Ra so throw me a bone; If I were President Of Everything (TM), this warning would be REQUIRED; I’m not usually into polka dots, but pretty much anything Madonna would’ve worn in the ’80s gets a pass.

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  • Fashionistas

    December 3, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    This black look is certainly having a great presentation of classic and I think this is such a great color which I am comfortable wearing different hues.