The Bright Stripes
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The Bright Stripes

I must have been inspired by that rainbow I saw, because this rainbow-striped sweater and bright skirt was the first thing I reached for. I toned it down a bit with a black jacket–hey, we can’t be ALL happiness and sunshine, right?

Ā Triple-drop star earrings, $90 | Pea Jacket, $275| Striped knit dress, $81 | Yarn Plumes Skirt, $118

Also, if you’re not too busy Friday evening, you should hit Mariemont for the opening of One Mode!

Champagne + fashion + a cupcake shop within walking distance = I’M THERE.

  • Lena

    February 23, 2012at1:12 pm Reply

    Love the cut of the blazer and the A-line skirt. Very cute.

  • Julia

    February 23, 2012at5:51 pm Reply

    You look great
    Love the skirt with the earrings

  • Denise

    February 24, 2012at3:13 am Reply

    Such a cute outfit! Adorable!!

    Got to figure something out like that!

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