Current Obsession // Over-the-Knee Boots
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Current Obsession // Over-the-Knee Boots

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Every now and then I feel the urge to dress like an ’80s hooker, and there’s nothing like a good over-the-knee boot to get that Pretty Woman look juuuust right. I got this Guess pair on sale after eyeing them for months–the gold detail on the sole and leather/suede combination (plus the half-off sale price!) sealed the deal for me. Plus, they’re a good investment: over-the-knee boots were all over the Fall runways:

Fashion over the knee boots Top: Cynthia Rowley, Fendi, Balenciaga. Bottom: Carven, Topshop Unique, Donna Karan via

The trick to credibly strutting around with your upper thighs exposed is to cover up your other provocative body parts and keep your clothing fairly loose (like the sweatshirt and shorts combo at Topshop Unique) and/or structured (like the dress and jacket at Carven).

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So, would you wear over-the-knee boots or do you think the look is too hot to handle?

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