Work // Double Blog Lives
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Work // Double Blog Lives

Sometimes I feel like I’m living multiple blog lives. I’ve been running around doing interviews, taking pictures, and posting content 4-5 times per week–just not here. That blogging takes place over at and, but I want to share all the nonsense I talk about there with y’all, too!

An unexpectedly cool event at The Renaissance downtown

An unexpectedly cool event at The Renaissance downtown

A lot of it is really fun: Recently, I went to a bridal fashion show at a historical mansion, got a sneak peak at the sexy 50 Shades of Grey-themed popup shop (yes, there were leather handcuffs), cheered on fellow stylists and friends Brock and Marsha at their new studio, and indulged in a chili dog bar at a surprisingly fun wedding event. Just this week I spent a day surrounded by yummy macarons and had lunch with vintage fashion expert Cameron Silver (we homies now)!

Pure Romance's sexy popup shop, Coochy included

Pure Romance’s sexy popup shop

While I cross-post over at Style Scout every now and then, it’s just not feasible to post everything on multiple sites every time. The easiest way to keep up is to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to the Style Scout newsletter so we can stay in touch more often. I’ll see you there!

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