A Bespoke Tailored Blazer Might Just Qualify as Self Care
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bespoke women's blazer

A Bespoke Tailored Blazer Might Just Qualify as Self Care

bespoke women's blazer

Have you ever thought about the amount of engineering that goes into making sewn-together scraps of fabric perfectly fit your body? It’s kind of magical. And it feels like the ultimate wardrobe indulgence.

Romualdo is a bespoke tailoring business that’s been around since 1968, so when my friend Micah of Fallon Thatcher invited me to be part of a campaign for their new line of women’s custom blazers, I jumped right on it.

If you’ve ever had custom clothing made, you know how special it is to have a piece that’s been created just for you. It seems like it would be intimidating to get measured and fitted for clothing when you’re used to trolling the “just in” section on The Outnet (just me?), but the process is a lot simpler—and more fun—than it seems. It only took two trips!

bespoke women's blazer

The first fitting was super easy and surprisingly interesting: they took measurements for things I’d never even thought of before. Everyone knows the usual bust-waist-hips, but how often do you think about how your back curves when you’re standing or how much space you need to bend your elbows? Tailors do!

Once I was measured, I got to do the fun stuff: picking fabrics and trims and details (oh, my!). I picked a beautiful textured purple material—of course—and decided on a single-breasted style with a notched lapel, flap pockets, tortoiseshell buttons, and navy blue lining. Bonus points for the inside coin pocket (women’s clothing doesn’t always have useful things like pockets, so this is exciting to me) and my name stitched in the lining like a boss.

bespoke women's blazer

For the campaign, we had a photo shoot promoting the new women’s line at Aaron Conway‘s studio, and Lyndsey of Glossa did my makeup*. It was hella fun, and reminded me how much I enjoy being on set.

When you order a bespoke piece, you have to be more patient than you would be buying something at Zara or whatever, but it’s definitely worth it. Because LOOK HOW COOL WE ARE. You can be, too.

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Book an appointment at Romualdo here, and follow @romualdobespoke on Instagram.

*I always have to do my own hair. Where are the folks who can do natural hair??

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