Notes from the Middle
It's easy to talk about success in hindsight. But what does it look like when you're in the middle of the struggle?
entrepreneur, girlboss, creative agency
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Notes from the Middle

I listen to a lot of business podcasts, and the most common guests are people who’ve been successful in some way: successful entrepreneurs, successful writers, etc.

The Successful Guest™ usually shares the story of their life from pre- to post-success: they look back and reflect on the hardships and lessons and struggles. Hindsight makes it easier to understand why all those things happened, and how that led them to where they are (success!) today.

But lately, I’m more interested in hearing and reading people’s stories while they’re still on the road to something bigger. What does it look and sound and feel like when you’re still in the middle of the hardships and lessons, with no guarantee that success is the end result? How does mindset help or hinder the journey? What are the thoughts going through your head immediately after a project goes wonky or a potential opportunity comes up?

So, this is me reporting from the middle. I don’t know what’s next. I don’t know the How. I can’t guarantee success and I’m not 100% sure what it looks like. But I know I’ll keep going.