All you HAVE to do is keep going
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All you HAVE to do is keep going

I’m gonna keep it a buck: We’re in a weird time.

Having to self-isolate means we have less freedom and more time. I’m still not sure if that’s a fair trade-off, but that’s where we are.

A lot has changed in the past few weeks, and it’s difficult to know the best way to look at what’s happening. We’re definitely at a turning point, a time that will clearly delineate a before and an after, but right now we’re stuck IN it and the uncertainty is daunting.

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There are already plenty of resources and lists and organizations out there helping, so I won’t try to re-create the wheel. What I will say is this:

Keep going.

The thing about time, social construct though it may be (that’s a conversation for later), is that it doesn’t stop. Which means WE can’t stop.

Look, you don’t have to pull a Shakespeare and write the next King Lear. You don’t have to take this time to learn a new language/write a book/completely revamp your life. Please know that you don’t HAVE to emerge from this as some perfect version of yourself.

But you also don’t have to completely freeze in place, gathering dust until this pandemic is over. It’s tempting to dream about the day when things get back to “normal”, but normal is another construct. Things will change. They always do.

You can take this time to slow down. Or speed up. Or pause to take a breath. You can continue to learn and grow as we collectively figure out new rules for just about everything.

But please don’t stop.

Also, PLEASE, for the love of humanity keep staying in and washing your hands. Need a song to sing? The chorus to Kiss is exactly 20 seconds.