The MUSE Method – Personal Brand Style + Strategy Coaching
The MUSE Method is a simple, four-part system that puts you on the path to professional freedom. With the MUSE Method framework, we work together to create your stylish personal brand from the inside out.
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The MUSE Method

A four-week coaching program that helps entrepreneurs
build a stylish personal brand online.

It’s not what you know or even who you know. It’s who knows YOU.


I am so sorry to be the one to break this to you: all of your hard work and great ideas will go unnoticed if you don’t build your platform first. When it comes to your business, your clients, or even your employer—their desire to work with you depends largely on how you present yourself, aka your brand.


If people are going to trust and work with you, they need to know who you are, not just what you do.


When you have an established and authentic brand, people come to you, not the other way around. No smarmy sales pitches or complicated funnels, just you being yourself and doing what you love.

“How can I be more confident putting myself out there?”

Sharing who you are and what you do with the rest of the world feels daunting, but it’s the only way to grow and create the life you want.


Show and Tell was fun in kindergarten, but as an adult it can seem hard!


You feel like know who you are and where your talents lie, but when people ask what you do it’s hard to put it all together in a way that makes sense.


You’re afraid to put yourself out there—especially pictures of yourself—because you feel like you need to be more stylish and professional.


You feel stuck and unsure of where or how to start because you don’t have a clear strategy to get where you want to go.


Trust me, I get it. I started this site in 2009 (yes, I’m an Internet Grandma) and the thought of posting pictures of myself online where everyone could see them had me shaking in my vintage cowboy boots.


But putting myself out there brought me many wonderful opportunities—jobs, connections, a whole career as a Photo Stylist—that I hadn’t even dreamed of. Even better, those opportunities came to me.

No pitching, no selling, just BEING.


“I want to create one cohesive brand that brings together all of my interests and ideas.”

You can! Just imagine…


  • Not having to sell because clients come to YOU. They trust you and want to be connected to your brand.


  • Standing out among the competition in your own special way and being well-known because of who YOU are.


  • Having a stylish, cohesive brand that brings together all of your projects and ideas in a way that makes sense.


  • Easily charging more for your services because your image and talent make it clear that you’re worth it.


  • Knowing exactly what to do next to keep growing your business.


It’s 100% possible to harness who you are, what you do, style it up, and create a completely authentic online presence that brings people to YOU. And because I cape for Creators, I want to help you do it.


That’s why I created the MUSE Method.

The MUSE Method is my simple, four-part system that puts you on the path to professional freedom.


With the MUSE Method framework, we work together to create your stylish personal brand from the inside out. Authenticity is baked into every step so your brand looks, sounds, and feels like YOU, and you can proudly and confidently share it with the world.


This is the heart of the process—literally. It's the beating heart of your brand, where we clarify your vision, spotlight your key strengths, and develop your core messaging.

Week 2: UNIFY

This is where we hone in on the look and feel of your identity, from photography to fashion to brand voice. We'll work together to unify your mission with the colors, fonts, clothing and accessories, and key words that express who you are so your tribe comes to YOU.


There's no point in developing your brand if you don't have a solid plan for it! We'll create a strategy that outlines the exact type of content you should create, which platforms you should be on, and a step-by-step plan for growing your brand.


It's time to take action! We'll review all the elements of your Personal Brand Guide and start executing part of your plan, whether that's styling looks or creating content. If you need additional support, schedule a CEO Day so we can get even more done.


The MUSE Method includes:

  • MUSE Questionnaires  Yes, there’s homework! Because your brand is about YOU, you’re a key part of the process. I’ll ask you to respond to a few easy questions to prepare for our weekly calls, so you get the most out of each session.


  •  (4) one-hour coaching calls


  • Custom Personal Brand Guide  The Personal Brand Guide is the key to your online success. This comprehensive document details your vision, messaging, visual elements, and step-by-step growth plan. You can share it with graphic designers, photographers, copywriters and social media managers so they know exactly how to make your vision come to life. You’ll be building your brand and attracting a loyal audience in no time!

Your custom Personal Brand Style Guide includes:


    • Logo inspiration


    • Font options


    • Color Palette & Pattern inspiration


    • Photography Brief


    • Fashion Guide + Outfit Formulas


    • Shopping Links to items that suit your style


    • Your Vision Statement


    • Your Core Messaging, Keywords + Brand Voice


    • Your Content Matrix + Social Networking Plan


    • Your Step-by-Step Execution Plan

A compelling personal brand is your best next step.


By the time we complete the MUSE Method, you’ll have exactly what you need to put together amazing outfits, easily write posts and captions, and strategically build your personal brand—the best way to jump start your professional growth.