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I cape for creators.


Cape \kayp\ verb: to act as a superhero, advocate.


Cre-a-tors \kree-AY-turz\ noun: entrepreneurs, makers, go-getters, idea-havers.

I provide creative strategy and support for people who want to make their ideas happen.

Entrepreneurs come to me when they:


– Have an idea but don’t know where to start


– Need a clear plan telling them exactly what to do and when


– Want help getting shit DONE.


Coaching is great and strategy is crucial, but action is key.

I make it easy for Creators to take action.

I’ve worked with:

Let’s work together!


Here are a few ways I can help you take your business or idea to the next level:


A two-hour Deep Dive into your number one Big Idea. We’ll unpack your thoughts, create a clear vision that aligns with your goals, and take ACTION to get you started.

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A full day to work on your business with an experienced partner (me!) who can help you get your ideas up and running FAST.

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I’m here to help you take action, make progress, and grow faster


Have questions? Let’s chat! Set up a time that works for you here.