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I’m Tamia, a Marketing Strategist and Creative Director, founder of Tether, and advocate for creators.


I started this blog  in 2009 as an anecdote to a desk job, and it’s been evolving ever since. I love fashion, making ideas happen, and I never met a spreadsheet I didn’t like.


If you ever want to talk about productivity apps, where to find the best ice cream, or the nuanced genius of Prince, get at me.

the intersection of strategy + style

I help entrepreneurs and brands level up their content marketing so they can spend time closing sales instead of chasing them.


 Maybe your business has grown and you don’t have as much time to create content as you used to. Maybe you’ve made it this far in your business doing All The Things and the super-smart part of you knows you need to invest in reinforcements to accelerate your growth. Maybe you need clarity on what exactly will help you grow and how to get to that point. No worries—I’m here for you.

It’s time to step up your content creation game. Get my free Ultimate Content Creation Checklist to learn the step-by-step process for producing stylish content!


I’m here to help you create content that sells with standout style. Let’s dig in.

Six Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Need a creativity boost? Read on for a few ways to jumpstart your brain and get your juices flowing again! When I need to get my creative juices flowing for a client call, a CEO Day, or just to get my brain back on track, some combination of these things always works:   1 // Exercise I have a bunch of videos saved to a Youtube playlist—mostly dance, yoga, and dumbbell workouts.   Even if...

6 minutes to get clear on your marketing

If you’re not sharing content, you’re leaving behind clients and losing out on money. Here’s a simple way to fix that.

Here’s your schedule for batch-producing content

Business owners NEED to batch content to create marketing that consistently drives sales. Here’s how to do it.

If I had to start a content calendar from scratch, here’s what I’d include

Planning a content marketing calendar for your business? Here’s what you should be sure to include.

The four types of content you MUST create to grow your business

If you’re creating content to attract and retain customers or clients, you really only need to talk about these four things.

Is Content Marketing the new glossy magazine?

They’re both curated collections of stories and imagery.