The number one question you need to answer to create your vision
The number one question you need to answer to create your vision, and how to break it down into actionable goals.
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The number one question you need to answer to create your vision

It’s 2020 y’all! A time for resolutions (I don’t really do that any more), setting intentions (that’s more my thing), and thinking about where you want to take your life over the next 366 days (Leap Year, holla!).

I LOVE planning, so November-December was a blast. Spreadsheets, scribbled notes, goal-setting worksheets… I was in hog heaven, but still not finding the clarity that would make it all make sense. I needed more.

One day, I had an A-HA moment. Most visioning or goal-setting advice advises you to start with yourself: who YOU want to be, what YOU want to do, the life YOU want to live. That’s all important, but it wasn’t…big enough. My life isn’t just about me. No one’s is.

I wanted to take my vision beyond myself. To go BIG. I wanted to think about how I fit into the larger world, something bigger than me. Which meant I had to answer the question that would guide my purpose, not just my actions:

“What kind of world do I want to live in?”

That question clarified something big: my vision. It’s not the ONLY way I see the world, but it settled a lot of questions and helped me determine which ideas to pursue and set goals accordingly.

I was so excited about my newfound clarity that I hosted a 2020 Visioning Workshop to share it with others struggling to find a clear direction. I’m all about sharing helpful information, so here’s what we reviewed in the workshop:

Need more direction or clarity?

Set up a PowerUp Session, a two-hour deep dive into your number one Big Idea with someone who’s been there. We’ll unpack your thoughts, create a clear vision that aligns with your goals, and take ACTION to get you started.

Got questions or need more info? Send me a message if you’d like to connect!