Setting New Years Intentions
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Setting New Years Intentions

The idea of New Year’s Resolutions has become a little outdated–let’s be real, it’s just too hard to stick to an ambitious diet and exercise regimen after years of enjoying smothered pork chops and excessive couch time. But setting goals and making plans to achieve them isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so I’m approaching 2017 with intentions (*buzzword alert*) to help me progress/improve/grow as a flawed human person who’s interested in being and doing better. Here’s what I have so far:

Eat 70% plants // I do a pretty decent job of eating fruits and vegetables because I actually like fruits and vegetables, but I also really like cake. And ice cream. And pizza. Honestly, I’ll eat pretty much anything you put in front of me. I don’t plan to eliminate any of those things completely, but I figure if I can increase my plant consumption to 70%, I only have 30% capacity remaining for the not-so-healthy goodies that make life worth living. A majority is a majority, no?

Make a Thing // I produce a lot of ephemeral creative stuff: photo shoots, websites, social media content. But none of that is tangible, and while that doesn’t mean it’s any less real, I’ve got a hankering to make something I can touch and see and pass around at parties. TBD on what The Thing is, but I’ll keep you posted.

Learn to apply eyeshadow // Like most makeup (oh hey, highlighter!) I like the idea of eye shadow, but am meh on the execution. I love the way it looks when my makeup is professionally done, so I feel like I should know how to properly apply it, and I have plenty of space between my eyelids and brows that seems like it’s just going to waste.

Philippines trip Poctoy Beach

The view from Poctoy Beach in the Philippines

See some world // I’ve always loved traveling (thanks Mom!) and I get restless when I’ve been in one place for too long. I learn so much about myself and humanity in general when I visit different parts of the world, and making connections with diverse people and distant places has always resulted in some of my best life experiences.

Flow and Sow // This sounds awfully woo-woo, but I’ve been researching the value of listening to your intuition and aligning with “the flow”. Action is essential too, so the idea is to listen to yourself, take action based on what your intuition is telling you, and “go with the flow” instead of trying to force a certain outcome. It’s a tough balance, and I’m not expecting perfection, but the intent is there.

What are your intentions for 2017?