Thrift Shopping is Fun
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Thrift Shopping is Fun

thriftscore11083 I was on a mission. A thrift mission.

This past Halloween, I entered a costume contest (there was a cash prize). I was dressed as Prince and figured I had a decent chance of winning, because I reeeaally get into the whole costume thing and darnit if I don’t have a purple velvet blazer and suede ankle boots at the ready at all times–you know, just in case.

Anyway, one of the other contestants came dressed as Gandalf or some such other character from The Lord of the Rings, and he had on the perfect vest and blazer combo. The blazer was a soft forest green wool, and the camel-colored vest was double-breasted with a perfectly notched lapel…so fantastic! So, I asked where he got them. “Just some thrift store,” he replied nonchalantly as I practically drooled on his elf shoes. He was approximately my size, and I was thisclose to asking if I could buy them right off his back when my name was called and it was my turn to show off my costume. Of course, I was obligated to wow the audience with my dazzling rendition of “Darling Nikki,” and was so distracted by the thunderous applause and fawning adoration of the crowd (read: golf claps) that I forgot all about faux-Gandalf and his outfit-that-would’ve-fit-me-perfectly.

I vowed that I would not give up until I obtained my own thrifted goodies, and set out on a mission to find a similar vest and blazer combo. It didn’t work out exactly as planned–I couldn’t find a proper fitting vest sans embroidered pumpkins–but I managed to pick up a few gems, including a skirt I swear I saw in Lucky the next week for about 25 times what I paid. Ha!

Blazer, skirt, and belt, Goodwill (Fairfield, OH). 513.929.0020