Inspiration: Witch One?
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Inspiration: Witch One?


Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

I was coerced into watching Disney’s Enchanted, which wasn’t the witty satire I expected it to be, but was fairly entertaining nonetheless.  Though I’m not really a pastels-and-flowers type of girl, I watched the end credits roll with an odd feeling of feminine power mixed with girlish vulnerability.

One part of me wanted to sing and dance while cartoon birds circled my head and bunnies hopped around my feet. This, of course, would be done while wearing long dresses (ooh, frothy ballgowns, mayhaps?) covered in floral prints and soft slippers with pink satin ribbons.

The other part of me (more in tune with the real Tamia) wanted to don a shiny black leather cape with a dramatic stand-up collar and navy blue eye shadow smeared up to my drawn-on eyebrows–you know, the better to consult my magic mirror.

How to achieve a compromise between these fairy tale dichotomies?  How do you channel the light and dark aspects of your personality through your style?

Personally, I tend to lean slightly towards the dark side. The studded Louboutins and floral femme-fatale Lacroix dress would do the trick for me. What about you?


  • Marian

    January 6, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    great post honey! could see you in either scenarios,firstly in that frothy sweet gown with all the frills.then the dark side too.
    Personally honey I’m a bit of both,mostly dark in a sweet way if that makes sense. sometimes i do both the dark and light at the same time. it depends on my mood but imust admit being dark and bad is so much more fun ;o)
    big kiss,

    p.s thanks for all the kick ass comments!

  • Nina

    January 8, 2009 at 12:43 am

    i def. walk on the dark side. i have a hard time doing girly, pastel-y, frilly looks. maybe once in awhile…but then i have to revert to my dark ways asap or else i feel lost and unbalanced. haha

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