Inspiration: The Original Blair
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Inspiration: The Original Blair

Style Inspiration

Yes, I watch Gossip Girl just as obsessively as everyone else even though I’m waaayyy past their target demographic age. But that also means I’m old enough to remember another bossy Queen B years before Ms. Waldorf came along–Blair Warner of The Facts of Life.

Blair was a bossy, stuck-up, rich bitch who strutted around the campus of the exclusive Eastland School for Girls as if she owned the place–actually, I think at the end of the series, she did buy the school.

Are the two characters sartorially similar? Let’s see:

Requisite private school uniform, complete with shrunken blazers and knee socks? Check!

Upper East Side princess designer wardrobe? Check!

Occasional hipster-worthy piece? Erm…I don’t know about NuBlair, but OG Blair could pass for an American Apparel ad in that ensemble above. Shiny blue leggings and jacket with a slouchy purple tee? Dov Charney is practically salivating and probably touc- No. Ew. Won’t continue that thought.

Whether you take the good, you take the bad, or you take them both…who’s your favorite Blair?