Show Nuff: London Fashion Week
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Show Nuff: London Fashion Week


Two Fashion Weeks down, two to go! London was, as usual, the wild card of the group, with a number of up-and-comers fresh out of Central Saint Martins showing their designs on the runways.  Tales of fabulous parties in hole-in-the-wall pubs filled with drunken, dancing (Br)it-girls make me want to say things like “What’s all this, then?”  in a (really bad) faux-British accent!

Let’s get this party started:


Houndstooth and checks and tweeds, oh my!  Traditional English gear mixed with modern accessories (golden damask thigh-high boots = YES) creates a fresh but familiar silhouette.


Fancy wearing your art instead of hanging it on the wall?  These modern masters have made it easy by splashing their creations in colorful abstract prints. In this case, looking like a full-on Monet is a good thing.


Am I the only one who watches Dynasty clips on YouTube on a regular basis? Seriously, Krystle, Alexis, and Dominique’s wardrobes were the inspiration for more fashion fantasies than I can count, linebacker shoulder pads and all. Plus, some days I’m all about a good catfight!


The sheer glamour of the Graeme Black show made my heart palpitate. As much as I loved all the grungy black leather and hooker boots stomping down the runways at the New York shows, I usually prefer to glam it up a bit (see Dynasty reference above).  The coolly lavish colors and textures of these Baroque-inspired looks provide an interesting counterpoint to the casual sportswear shown elsewhere.

As for the London Equation:


What did you think? Did you attend any parties?  I need to live vicariously through someone