You know you need a vacation when…
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You know you need a vacation when…

vacationtitle0309 Between the cold/warm/completely unpredictable weather and a long string of 14-hour work days, I’m starting to feel like it’s time for a break. What does it mean when you start plotting devious ways to break into the CDC in order to contract the Ebola virus just so you have an excuse to stay home and get some rest? It means you need a vacation, that’s what.

Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen anytime soon, so I just have to fantasize about an extended holiday in some random tropical locale:

vacation0309 As my girl Liz Lemon would say:

I want to go to there.

Of course, no vacation fantasy is complete without an imaginary suitcase packed with the ultimate you-must-be-crazy-you-know-you-can’t-afford-all-that wardrobe:

vacationbeach0309 Photos: shopbop, Browns Fashion, Colette, Apple , Dreams

The other great thing about vacation is that you can eat tons of amazing food since everyone knows all food consumed while on vacation has zero calories, just as money spent during that time has no effect on your bank account/Visa bill.

What do you do to get away when you can’t get away? Please share–seriously, PLEASE!