Style: What I Would Wear…
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Style: What I Would Wear…


Every now and then (ahem: daily), I allow myself to indulge in a bit of fantasy online shopping. It rarely results in an actual purchase given the pathetic status of my bank account, but it does fulfill a somewhat creative, extremely shallow need: The fantasies are all about meeee!

Most involve a full-fledged production (highlighted script and secondary characters optional) including location, set design, and a complicated lighting scheme–no direct overhead lighting in my daydreams!

This go ’round, I’m rushing around the city of London (perhaps inspired by Marian’s ” A Day in the Life” feature for the upcoming magazine issue?), hopping on and off the Tube, dashing into Selfridges to pick up an accessory or two, and speaking in a really bad faux-British accent. In this particular delusionary vision, I’m wearing:


1. Dries Van Noten blouse, approx. $695 at Brown’s Fashion 2. Wendy Nichol earrings, $150 at Stars & Infinite Darkness 3. Jimmy Choo heels, $950 at Net-a-Porter 4. Vivienne Westwood shorts, $674 at la garconne 5. Lisa Jayne Dann trench, $412 at

Am I the only one who does this (lie to me, mmkay)? What do your fantasy fashion scenarios look like?